Spectacular Under Seawater Of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Bali


Spectacular under seawater at Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida is a very unique beach tourist destination because it has very crystal-clear seawater. So that marine life such as fish and coral reefs are very easily seen from the surface of the seawater, therefore it is ideal for you to do snorkeling or diving.

Besides that the beautiful white sandy beach which stretches along 1 kilometer presents a very beautiful view and its white sand is very clean and soft very suitable as a place to relax while enjoying the exotic ocean views with a calm atmosphere and nature is so beautiful.

Arriving at Crystal  Bay Beach Nusa Penida you will be greeted by a small island in the middle of the sea with the waves of the beach and the cool breeze.

The left and right of the beach are protected by a headland of hills, So Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida saw as a charming private beach. not only that the beach not offers a stretch of white sand with a beautiful sea but also has an amazing underwater natural beauty.

If you like snorkeling or scuba diving, you will be satisfied if you come to Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida. The coral reefs on this beach are home to various types of colorful fish or other marine animals, no wonder this beach is also worthy to be called the Paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving because the wealth of flora and fauna under the sea is indeed amazing.

Many activities you can do at Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida besides snorkeling and diving you can also swim enjoying the fresh clean seawater, play the sand until you are satisfied and can sunbathe on the beach and In the afternoon you can also see the Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida increasingly looks beautiful.

So you have to wait for the sunset because you will be treated to clear seawater and beautiful sunset you can capture the beautiful sunset in the Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida, So don't forget to visit the Crystal  Beach Nusa Penida.

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