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Single Entry Visa Bali And visa regulations In Indonesia

single-entry-visa-bali-and-visa-regulations-in-indonesia single-entry-visa-bali-and-visa-regulations-in-indonesia
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Single Entry Visa Tourist Bali Indonesia

If you visit Indonesia for the purpose of official government activities, tourism, sport or business activities and want to make your experience hassle free, then this is a good option for you. The validity is 60 days, with monthly extension options available.

We provide Information and assist the process of making single entry visa in accordance with the requirement of the Immigration government of Republic Indonesia.
  • VISA valid for 90 Days from the date of issue and this VISA allow to stay 60 days after arrival in Indonesia. If you have planned to stay more than 60 days this VISA can be extended 2 Times extension with 60 days / each of the extension, totally you can stay 180 days in Indonesia. If within 90 days there is no flight to Indonesia, the VISA cannot be used
  • Before your 2 times extension you CAN NOT change the sponsor.

Document Requirements

  • Passport valid minimal 12 months.
  • Scan your first page of your passport on two side (Must be clear).
  • Scan of the cover two side (Must be clear).
  • Photo color digitally in any background.
  • Address of Origin.
  • Indonesia Address.
  • Personal contact details (Whatsapp and E-mail).
  • Emergency contact details (Families or Friends).
  • Vaccine Certificate Complete (Except Janssen, Sputnik Light, Convidecia).
  • For foreigner who are under 12 years old, those who have not been able get vaccine, must bring health certificate from doctor that is proven to be free from COVID-19 (Must be in English version).
  • Bank Statement last one month minimal (optional)
  • Health Insurance / Travel Insurance (optional)

Visa Service Prices

Regular Service:

  • 7-14 Working Days IDR 4.000.000

Express Service:

  • 3-7 Working Days IDR 5.500.000

Priority Service:

  • 1-2 Working Days IDR 8.500.000

Extension Service:

  • 7-14 Working Days IDR 3.500.000


  • VISA Fee, Agency Fee, Company Sponsor.


  • VISA Extension, PCR Test and Renewal.

Terms and Conditions

  • The payment system : Cash, Western Union and Bank transfer
  • Visa will be process after the full payment is done
  • Visa process can not be cancelled
  • You will get receipt of the payment from our official email
  • Visa will be sent via email in PDF format

Important Information

  • Working days not include Weekends, Indonesia Public Holidays or If Immigration in Jakarta system is not working / error.
  • It is important to note that this visa is strictly for social visits and you must refrain from business activities.

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