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Discount 15% Off Jimbaran Sunset Dinner Beachfront Fresh Seafood BBQ


Jimbaran Sunset Dinner Beachfront and Get Discount 15% Off  For All Fresh Seafood BBQ Menus

Jimbaran sunset dinner beachfront fresh seafood BBQ and get discund till 15% off for all varian menus. Jimbaran is a fishing village and coastal resort south of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. Jimbaran Bay has a long beach with calm waters. It's lined with fish restaurants and backed by tropical forest.

Enjoy dinner savoring fresh seafood while witnessing the majestic sunset by the Jimbaran Bay. Our Restaurant located on the beautiful coast of Jimbaran and watch the spectacular Balinese sunset.
Be in awe as the sun turns the landscape into a stunning crimson-orange. Perfect for romantic dates or family occasions, this experience will surely make you fall for Bali's beauty.

Jimbaran sunset dinner beachfront fresh seafood BBQ at Jimbaran is one of the most popular places to enjoy culinary tourism, especially for dinner with grilled fish menu in Bali.

How not a set dinner menu package is provided very complete, the price offered is also comparable to what you enjoy. The Jimbaran beach attraction itself is one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in the South Bali tourism area.

The dinner beachfront in Jimbaran is currently quite in demand by domestic and foreign tourists. The characteristic of the food at this Jimbaran beach attraction is grilled fish, be it red snapper, shrimp, clams, squid to lobster with selected spices with a distinctive taste that you cannot find in other restaurants or cafes.

Jimbaran itself is located in the South Kuta area, Badung Regency. Included in the South Bali tourism map, which has many interesting places to visit when you are on vacation.

Romantic Jimbaran Sunset Dinner For Honeymooners

Serving dinner on the coast is indeed a popular choice, every afternoon it is always crowded, especially when the holidays arrive. So your holiday on the island of the Gods Bali, be it with your family or your honeymoon partner, will be more complete after enjoying this dinner at Jimbaran.

The Jimbaran sunset dinner beachfront at Jimbaran with grilled fish (grill seafood) all discound 15% off is indeed delicious without a doubt, being a special culinary tourist spot, the fame of its name is comparable to what is offered.

The sensation of dining on the white sandy beach of Jimbaran, roofed by the sky, accompanied by the waves. So that the Jimbaran tourist attraction becomes a tour destination coupled with dinner.

Dinner on the beachfront at the Jimbaran beach attraction is even more perfect if the moment of the dining event is before sunset, the beauty of the sunset view is so perfectly present on the sidelines of your dinner.

The romantic Jimbara sunset dinner atmosphere and instagramable nature are so tempting, ideal also for honeymoon tours on the island of the Gods Bali, so it's not surprising that many tourists come to visit to enjoy the delicious seafood dishes, the crowds begin to feel in this coastal natural recreation area from afternoon to evening.

Jimbaran Tourist Attraction And Seafood Dinner

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The atmosphere of the Jimbaran beach tourist destination in the South Bali region will look different when before sunset arrives, visitors have started arriving to enjoy dining, choosing various dinner or dinner menu packages provided all varian menu discound 15% off, while enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

So it is very obvious, tourists who come besides wanting to enjoy seafood dishes also want to feel the sensation of a more special romantic dinner atmosphere.

Many places serve seafood dinner packages in Jimbaran-style Bali, even including the restaurants where you stay at the hotel, but even more special, of course, the atmosphere is served.

It can be concluded, for seafood restaurants in Bali, there is no other place that is more special than at the Jimbaran beach tourist attraction, besides being delicious and delicious, the nature is beautiful.

A different place to have dinner, on white sand with a sky filled with stars accompanied by live music. The fish are fresh from the catch of the fishermen, so you can choose the fresh fish yourself according to your taste.

Being here with family and children, will certainly add a new holiday experience, which is worth remembering.

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