Booking Fastboat Ticket To Nusa Penida From Serangan And Sanur Port Bali


Fastboat Ticket To Nusa Penida From Serangan And Sanur Bali

Fastboat ticket to Nusa Penida Booking Center. For those of you who like adventure, you definitely want a vacation that offers something different. If you usually visit Bali which is full of crowds, try looking for a different holiday destination.

You can join the Nusa Penida tour package. Nusa Penida is one of those around the island of Bali that offers many stunning tourist destinations. There, there are also many beaches, but the scenery presented is certainly different from Bali.

When you need peace, coming to the island of Nusa Penida is the right step. Although it is not easy to reach the tourist attractions, but what you get can make your mind and heart fresh.

You have to take a fast boat from Bali to Nusa Penida, you can take a fast boat from Sanur Beach, Padang Bai harbor or Serangan Island. If you are visiting near the island of attack, it would be nice to immediately look for a fast boat there.

How to get to Nusa Penida island from Bali, which port to choose for departure and arrival, and which fast boat company to go with. You can also find all the time tables and fast boat price tickets.

This article is part of a series of articles that give practical information on Nusa Penida island. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Nusa Penida from Sanur and 45 minutes from Serangan Bali.
There are a total of 1 daily scheduled fast boat sailings for the Serangan to Nusa Penida ferry route.

There's 2 departure ports from Bali near Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Denpasar and Canggu

Sanur Port

Sanur Beach (Jalan Hang Tuah), most fast boat companies leave from this port. There is no jetty so you have to board from the beach. You can leave your shoes or sandals in a basket before boarding, because the sea water will reach to your knees when you climb onto the boat. It is therefore better to wear short pants. Staff members will help you bring your luggage on board. You might be surprised when you see them carrying three to four suitcases on their head, but no worries, I have never seen them drop one in the water!

Serangan Port

There are a total of 1 daily scheduled fast boat sailings for the Serangan to Nusa Penida ferry route. In this attack you don't have to wear sandals or take off your shoes when you want to get on a boat, because at this port there is a deck to get to the boat so you don't have to bother going to the boat.

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Fastboat Ticket To Nusa Penida
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Fastboat Port List Bali and Nusa Penida

You have to choose the particular fast boat company and port depending on where you’re coming from in Bali and and where you are going to in Nusa Penida. In short, if you’re coming from Amed or Sidemen, your best option is to take Kusamba as your port of departure.

If you’re coming from Sanur, Seminyak, or Canggu, I recommend you to leave from Sanur Beach. Coming from Ubud, both ports are equally far, so you can choose either option. If you’re planning to stay in Sampalan, Buyuk, Ped or Atuh Beach, choose Sampalan as your arrival port in Nusa Penida. For Ped, Toya Pakeh or Crystal Bay, I recommend you to choose Banjar Nyuh Harbour as your port of arrival.

Boarding is much easier in Kusamba as this port offers floating pontoons. If you leave from Sanur you will need to wear short pants, because here you board from the beach, in shallow water, and sometimes in the middle of the waves.

Need to Book Your Fasboat Ticket in Advance

It may be better to book your boat trip one day in advance, especially on days when an important ceremony is being held, because the boats may be full. On some special days holidays like Nyepi, Nyepi Laut, Galungan or Kuningan there might not be any boat at all. Please keep this in mind.

Also, it is better to be at the port a little in advance as the boats usually leave on time. Sometimes they even leave a few minutes before the official departure time.

Things To Do in Nusa Penida

There is a lot of things to do once you’re on the island. It is a paradise for scuba divers, the landscape is great and there are many adventures and tours available! I recommend you to read my guide on the 15 favorite places to visit in Nusa Penida. You can also check out my top 6 places directly:
  • The iconic T-Rex Kelingking Beach
  • Amazing Broken Beach & Angel’s Billabong
  • Crystal Bay, perfect spot for diving, snorkeling and awesome sunset.
  • Atuh Beach, a wonderful and still off the beaten track beach.
  • Warnakali PADI 5 star dive resort, to stay in a brand new boutique resort and/or dive with a PADI 5 star IDC.
  • Amok sunset bar and restaurant, a cool place to see the sunset with a cocktail during happy hour.
The flexible boat schedule allows you to have a full day in Nusa Penida, but I would recommend you to stay a bit longer.

With just one day you’ll most likely spend a lot of the time on the road, rushing from one viewpoint to the other. I would suggest to stay at least one night, in one of the many hotels on the island, enjoy a sunset on this beautiful island, and maybe even go snorkeling or diving with manta rays at Manta Point the day after, or enjoy a swim at Crystal Bay!