Watersports Tanjung Benoa Bali - Adventure Parasailing & Other Activities


If you want to play watersports in Tanjung Benoa Bali, the right beach for to do Adventure Parasailing and take other activities, will make you feel truly in the paradise of water sports!

Talking about the Island of the Gods, Bali, of course, cannot be separated from its beautiful beach tourist destinations. Not only being a tourist destination for local tourists, the beauty and exoticism of Bali has also succeeded in making this Island of the Gods a tourist destination for many foreign tourists.

The panorama of sunrise and sunset combined with white sand and foam of the waves is not the only attraction for beach tourist destinations in Bali, but also watersports or water sports. It's no exaggeration to call Bali a paradise for watersports. The reason is, in Bali, there are 13 watersport hits that you must try.

However, to be able to try all water sports or water sports in Bali, make sure you come to Bali at the right time, which is around May, June, and October. The reason is, in these months, the weather conditions are good, the waves are not too big, and there are minimal tourist visits.

Parasailing Adventure Bali / Tandem Parasailing

Parasailing adventure Bali does not depend on the direction of the wind and does not depend on the tides. Because parasailing participants will start flying from the speed boat and land on the speed boat. The type of speed boat used for Bali parasailing adventure activities, is much larger than a single parasailing speed boat.

Because flying and landing on a boat and using a bigger speed boat, with a bigger engine. The use of a larger umbrella is possible. By using a larger umbrella, it is possible for 2 participants to fly together in one umbrella. Flying together together, better known as tandem Parasailing.

Because using a bigger boat, using an umbrella towing with a large-scale engine, it will have an impact on the price of Bali parasailing adventure which is much more expensive than Tanjung Benoa single parasailing.

Tickets | Bali Watersport Activities
Adventure Parasailing | Tandem Parasailing
USD 13.98

Things you should know before going

  • The duration of the parasailing adventure, 5 minutes.
  • The activity location is on the Tanjung Benoa beach, Nusa Dua Bali, with the operator Ciwa Sampurna Benoa Watersports.
  • The Tanjung Benoa parasailing adventure price listed on our website is the price for one person.
  • Parasailing adventure ticket rates include insurance for participants during the activity.
  • The insurance provider for the activity participants is our partner (operator) of the Tanjung Benoa watersports Bali.
  • The age range of participants who can take part in the Bali parasailing adventure game is from the age of 7 – 65 years.
  • The published price is the price that will be obtained, if you order directly at the location of the Tanjung Benoa parasailing adventure activity.
  • The online price is the price that you will get, if you order a parasailing adventure Tanjung Benoa through our website.
  • Including the use of life jackets for game participants.
  • For the convenience, security and safety of participants in parasailing adventure activities, if the weather is not good and the wind strength changes quickly. Therefore, the parasailing adventure game at Tanjung Benoa beach will be canceled by the activity operator.
  • If the cancellation of the Bali parasailing adventure activity is carried out by the operator due to obstacles such as wind strength which changes rapidly. Then the payment for the parasailing adventure activity will be refunded.

How To Book

  • Check availability to our reservation staff through whatsapp or email
  • Submit booking, after we reconfirm the tour availability, then submit your booking form
  • Booking confirmed, after receiving your booking request, our customer service will send you the e-voucher including bill, name and address of your destination via whatsapp or email.

How To Use

  • After you get a mobile ticket from us, you just have to go to your destination according to the name and address on our e-voucher.
  • Just show your mobile e-ticket / e-voucher to the activities provider staff, also you can show to your driver if you use private tour services or taxis to take you there.

How To Pay

  • Payment method : Just pay directly to the spot according to the activity you're choosing and the price as written on our e-ticket.

Cancellation Policy

  • Let us know if you are unable to come, no cancellation fee if you're cancel the activities ticket before 24 hours.