The Best Of Nusa Penida Tour Packages & How To Get There


Special Offer Nusa Penida Tour Packages & How To get there

The best of Nusa Penida tour packages we're offering to you. Nusa Penida is one of the beautiful islands in Bali that offers a memorable vacation experience.

Nusa Penida is located side by side with two other famous islands, namely Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. All three have stunning panoramic beauty, only Nusa Penida is wider than the other two islands.

There is magic left in Nusa Penida. While the rest of the southern part of Bali has been transformed into a tourist-friendly area that has contributed to changing the natural landscape, Nusa Penida is one part of Bali (although separated from the Badung Strait) that still survives with its natural conditions preserved.

This small island is an ideal holiday destination if you are looking for unspoiled beach or sea attractions in the south of Bali.

Moreover, going to Nusa Penida is now easier because there are more and more tour packages to Nusa Penida and fast boat services to this island. It's no wonder that Nusa Penida Island is increasingly being known by domestic and foreign tourists.

Not inferior to the two neighboring islands, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan, which were popular first.

Want to stay in Nusa Penida? Now you can, because now villas or regular inns are available in Nusa Penida at various prices.

If you want to know more about how to get to Nusa Penida and what's there, you don't need to worry because always offers Pocket-friendly Nusa Penida Tour Packages.

How To Get To Nusa Penida From Bali


Nusa Penida is a group of small islands in the south of Bali along with Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. The only way to Nusa Penida is by using a fast boat from Bali.

The most common way is by fast boat to Nusa Penida from Sanur Beach and Serangan port, because in this area there are lots of fast boat options from various companies with a few hours of departure. But Sanur Beach is not the only place you can take a fast boat to Nusa Penida.

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Transportation At Nusa Penida


Traveling around Nusa Penida by car is the best choice if you are on vacation, both with family and friends. Besides being more comfortable, passing through the quite challenging Nusa Penida streets is also safer if done by car.

You can book a car rental for Nusa Penida via online before you go to this small island. Be sure to inform your arrival time in Nusa Penida to make it easier for you to meet the driver who will take you for a walk on the island.

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Tour Packages To Nusa Penida


If you are the type of traveler who is lazy, joining a Nusa Penida tour packages is the best option you can take. You will even be picked up at the hotel where you are staying in Bali, then transferred to a boat that will take you across and immediately taken around Nusa Penida with the car that has been provided. Super easy, right?

You can join Nusa Penida tour packages that are open trips, or private trips.  There are also tour packages for scuba diving in Nusa Penida, or Nusa Penida tour packages plus a personal photographer!

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