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The Best Authentic Italian Restaurant At Sanur Bali - Italian Heritage Menus


The Best Authentic Italian Restaurant At Sanur Bali

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, amazing temples, smooth nightlife and affluent clubs but one thing that amazes everyone is the type of foods available here, Bali offers various cuisines like Balinese, Indian, Chinese, Italian and many more.

If you love Italian food, you should try it in Bali as it comes with a special Balinese twist. Pasta, Pizzas, Lasagnas and Bottagras, everything is absolutely good here.

There are many Italian restaurants in Bali such as Bella Cucina, Sciue Sciue warung and Colosseum which serve great Italian food. To assist you, here’s the best and cheap italian restaurant at Sanur Bali.


Italian Food Heritage

One of the best restaurants near Denpasar, Sciue Sciue Warung is famous for its Italian food, offering a wide selection of pizzas and pasta, and do not forget to order a delicious authentic pizza.

Located at Jl. Danau Poso No 59 Sanur, Sciue Sciue is a family-friendly eatery with Italian heritage design.

Sciue Sciue is a great place when you want to get away from the busy traffic of Bypass Sanur. Its menu and recipes were conceptualized by a chef from Italy, offering you an array of top-quality, authentic Italian food.

They prepare the food using the traditional technique of wooden oven which ensures that the food tastes like its proper authentic Italian food. Their speciality is Cheese Garlic Bread and Pizza with Bacon and Cheese.


Sciue Sciue Warung Sanur Bali

Located in the heart of Sanur, Sciue Sciue Warung Bali features authentic Italian cuisine dedicated to its traditional roots. Created through by Italian Chief introduces the true flavours of homely Italian classics to diners.

Location: Jl. Danau Poso No 59 Sanur Bali
Phone : +62361 281456

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