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West Nusa Penida Tour Package From Bali - Nusa Penida Booking Center

USD 47.89

The most famous tourism site with their natural beauty and amazing view in west area of Nusa Penida Islands.

Booking west Nusa Penida tour package from Bali and the adventure starts when we pick up at the hotel in the morning and go straight to the harbor in Sanur and we will take a fastboat to get to Nusa Penida Island, arrive at Nusa Penida islands you will be welcomed by our local driver partners at Nusa Penida and get ready for the tour around the beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

The first object visited in the west Nusa Penida tour package from Bali is Angel Billabong, a lagoon on the rocks that has a beautiful view, then we visit Broken beach with a beautiful view and suitable as a place to take pictures, after that the west Nusa Penida tour continued to visit the Kelingking beach.

Kelingking beach is the most famous object in Nusa Penida village because this object has a very amazing view, our local driver will always help you if you want to take a photo with the kelingking beach background.

After that we continue the journey to go to the restaurant for enjoy a lunch with Indonesian food, after finishing lunch the nusa penida tour continue to visit the last object in this trip is visit Crystal Bay is a beach with a beautiful view.

After that we go to the dock to take a speed boat and head to Sanur harbor, at the Sanur harbor, our driver is waiting to take you back to the hotel with a very memorable memory in this west Nusa Penida tour package from Bali.

West Nusa Penida tour package is one day tour package from Bali to give you opportunity explore the beauty tourist destination in this west area of Nusa Penida Islands. Nusa Penida is a small island which is part of the island of Bali, to get there the only transportation is by sea using fastboat.

Nusa Penida island has a lot of interesting tourism objects, in this west Nusa Penida tour package from Bali we choose such as :


Kelingking Beach

Kelingking beach is located in the village of Bunga Mekar, Banjar Karang Dawa, Nusa Penida Tour, Kelingking beach is one of the most famous tourist objects west Nusa Penida tour packages from Bali.

This tourist attraction is the most visited object and is a top one tourist destination in the village of Nusa Penida, it has an amazing view from the top, where we can see natural rock formed like the middle finger and there are also tourists who say that the coral shape resembles dinosaurs.

Many tourists come here just to take photos with the background of the beach pinkie and some go down to swim on the Kelingking beach.

Kelingking beach is now the most popular tourist attraction on the island of Nusa Penida, with its natural beauty and incredibly beautiful scenery for photography, many tourists come here to enjoy this amazingly beautiful view and also many tourists who come down to find out clearer this hidden beach with a stretch of white sand that stretches along the rock, with waves that are not big, making this place very ideal for swimming.

Because access to the beach is very difficult, because through a very steep path going down, maybe going down doesn't require excessive effort, it's different from going back up, it will require excessive stamina.

Maybe you often see on the internet, if you are looking for information about Nusa Penida, the first thing that appears is Kelingking beach, this is because the first Kelingking Beach is very well known by foreign tourists, many tourists come here to take photos with a rock background.


Angels Billabong

Angel Billabong beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Island, Bali. This tourist spot of Angel Billabong Beach is adjacent to Pasih Uug Beach.

To get to this tourist destination you have to go to Banjar Sumpang and ask lots of questions to local residents because the location is still quite difficult to find. The winding streets and natural countryside will accompany you during the trip

 Angel Billabong is tourism site about nature rock lagoon created by nature and located beside the angel's beach. Also the Angel billabong beach known as natural infinity pool at Nusa Penida islands.

An experience that you may never forget at all, where to visit the Angel Billabong tourist destination which is a natural wonder that forms an infinity pool naturally and is very beautiful to look at.

When talking about Nusa Penida, it can't be separated from the beach, because in Nusa Penida most of the tourist objects are beaches. Of the many tourism site in Nusa Penida, only a few are already known and some are still undiscovered.

Here we will explain the Angel Billabong beach tourist attraction which is quite unique from most beach attractions in Nusa Penida.

Angel Billabong is becoming more and more famous among foreign and domestic tourists from day to day, with its very beautiful scenery and uniqueness, very worthy as a favorite tourist attraction in Nusa Penida.

One of the most famous tourist objects if you visit the western area of ​​Nusa Penida, with its natural beauty, and the naturally formed lagoon, invites the curiosity of tourists to see the actual beauty of this immeasurable nature. Enjoy taking pictures with the natural pool in the background at Angel billabong.


Broken Beach

Broken beach or better known as Pasih Uug by local residents, located at Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Islands. It was said with broken beach because there was a large hole caused by a landslide down which made a hole in the beach, this hole made the scenery very beautiful and this place was often used for photography and film.

Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this place, just to enjoy the amazing scenery and also to be taken to take pictures with a backdrop of broken beach.

The attraction of broken beach tourism is the cliff scenery beneath the sea and calm sea waves, making the atmosphere more cool, the fresh sea breeze and the sound of the waves like natural music that becomes your friend. many tourists who come here just to meditate or look for an atmosphere of tranquility and peace on the beach.

With a very spectacular view, it invites many tourists to visit this place to see the uniqueness of the broken beach, you can take pictures here with a fantastic background, this Broken beach tourist attraction is very instagramable, many come here to take pictures and around broken beach there is a small shop selling drinks and snacks.


Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay beach is one of the famous objects in the village of Nusa Penida, this attraction is always included in the program west Nusa Penida Tour package from Bali. This place is also famous for the beauty of the beach and is often used by tourists for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing on the beach.

On the beach there are some coconut trees which make the view on the beach more beautiful. With clear water and calm waves, this place is ideal as a place to snorkel in Nusa Penida. Is perfect place for spend the time till time departure to Nusa Penida port for back to Sanur port.

The activities at Crystal beach are very diverse, such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, boat tours around Crystal, sunbathing on the beach and the most popular activity here is snorkeling activities by seeing the beauty of the unspoiled coral reefs here.

Snorkeling activities with beauty coral reef and colorful small fish. There is a boatman here who is ready to take you to get around Crystal beach using a traditional boat, enjoy seeing the beauty of Crystal beach from the boat.

For those who like to sunbathe, in this place it is very suitable, many sunbeds are rented on the beach, you can rent them and sunbathe to enjoy the sun on the beach, with a gentle breeze will make you more relaxed.

What is also one of the most popular in this place is watching the sunset, if you stay in nusa penida, it would be nice if you had the time to come here and see the beauty of the sunset on this crystal beach, a very rare moment, seeing the changing of the sun to the moon on the island of nusa penida