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Nusa Dua Bali Water Sports Activities List


Nusa Dua Bali Water Sports Activities List Even Single Activities And Package Activities

Nusa Dua Bali Water Sports Activities is a favorite place for foreign tourists and local tourists who will do water sports activities either with partners, families or with friends.

A variety of games are offered at the Nusa Dua water sports center, such as: Banana boat, donut boat, parasailing adventure, flyfish, flyboard, waterskiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, seawalker, scuba diving for beginners, go to turtle island by renting a boat and jet ski here there are two choices of jet ski packages with an instructor or jet ski self driving.

Nusa Dua Water Sports List

Here we will help you detail all water sports activities list in Nusa Dua, both water sport single activities and water sport activities packages.

Water Sport Single Activities List

Water Sport Package Activities List

  1. Seawalker, banana boat and rolling donut
  2. Scuba diving, rolling donut and banana boat
  3. Seawalker, rolling donut and flyfish
  4. Seawalker, parasailing adventure and jet ski
  5. Parasailing adventure, banana boat, jet ski and rolling donut
  6. Parasailing adventure, jet ski and banana boat
Above are all the water sports activities in Nusa Dua, precisely on Tanjung Benoa beach, Nusa Dua Bali which we have summarized to make it easier for you, and we also provide convenience in the payment system, that is, you don't have to pay anything in advance, all you have to do is show our e-voucher. to the service provider and pay on the spot in the day (simple things to do without worrying)