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Perfectly Scuba Diving At Nusa Penida Without License


Nusa Penida Scuba Diving Without License To Enjoy virgin coral reefs

Perfect place for to do scuba diving for bigginer at Nisa Penida Bali no need diving a licence, as we know Bali's the island of the Gods is a rare paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts looking for something different.

Bali is a dream place for all the senses: bright greens of the rice terraces, the vibrant music of the gamelan a traditional xylophone, the sweet fragrance of the frangipani flower, the mouth-watering or the deep relaxation a Balinese oil massage.

Everything is an invitation to take the road and discover each corner of it while exploring some the finest scuba diving sites in the world.

This Indonesian island gathers everything an adventure diver could dream of: colourful coral reefs, encounters with huge fish, cave diving, using traditional Balinese boat, muck diving or even technical diving.

Perfectly Nusa Penida Dive Site

One of the main assets of Nusa Penida scuba diving is the great diversity of its marine fauna. We have already mentioned pelagic animals like the manta ray or the sunfish.

But we also regularly meet reef sharks, such as white tip sharks or bamboo sharks or more rarely a whale shark as it happened to us on December 31st. There is also a wide variety of rays : eagle ray, marbled ray, stingray ray. Lots of turtles too.

You have also good chance to meet dolphins, which we regularly see on the surface. And sometimes underwater!

Manta Point Nusa Penida

Which scuba diver does not dream of spending time underwater with these gracious giants? With an average length of 3m to 5m from tip to tip, meeting a manta ray is not a scary experience but a breathtaking one.

The best chance to observe them for the time of a dive is to go to a cleaning station where they come to get their skin cleaned by tiny lipp fish. This is what Manta Point is at the south tip of Nusa Penida.

There, 5 to 6 manta ray can join in an elegant and powerful ballet. Even if this dive is quite shallow, with 10 to 12m deep on average, because of the currents in the area, it is recommended only for scuba divers with experience of currents. Sometimes, the boat captain can call the dive if he thinks the currents are too strong.

If you are lucky enough to get there and spend an hour with these fabulous creatures, please be advised not to touch them, and approach them not too fast, very gently. They are afraid of scuba divers’ bubbles, hence, relax and breathe slowly.

Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida

Meeting the mola-mola, the Indonesian giant sunfish, is like the Holy Grail for many scuba divers coming to Bali. They can be larger than 3m and weigh more than 1000kg! Their round and flat body with two long vertical caudal fins make it very easy to recognise.

Unfortunately, even during the high season going from July to September, you will need to cross your fingers very hard to see it. This fish is timid. The best point to hopefully meet one is the sunfish cleaning station of Crystal Bay, located near Penida village, on the northeast coast of Nusa Penida, in the Ceningan Channel.

This is recommended for experienced deep divers as the observation spot is between 18m and 30m deep. Be also aware that water can be much colder there, so wearing a 5mm full suit is a wise choice.

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This is our recommendation for scuba diving at Nusa Penida without license.