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Ticket booking for Bali activities tour by ticget is a Bali adventure activity packages we offer you when holiday in Bali

Doing adventure activities on the island of Bali is an unforgettable experience, here we provide a large selection of adventure activities at low prices and of course very satisfying service. We're Bali activities tour packages by offer a wide selection of adventure activities that can be chosen according to the activities you want.

Bali has a coastline which offers every possible water activity such as diving, surfing, sailing and many more also Bali is perfect spot to do out door activities suchs as cycling, hiking and many other including some extreme activities. We can help you to arrange activity for you, below Bali activity tour package by ticget in Bali and we always keep update if there is new Bali activities tour in Bali islands.

If you have another activities tour that we dont know in this program, just let us know and we will help you to arrange and will make this holiday very special for you and family. Our Bali tours driver always make sure your safety and satisfacion during Bali adventures tours in Bali islands.

Please see below is short description our Bali activities tours package by ticget we choose from the best adventure tours to make your holiday amazing dan you will never forget. All the selection of our Bali activity is comprehensive one from water activity, adventure activity and the most extreme activities tours in Bali. 

Choosing our bali activities tour packages

Nusa Penida tour explore western and eastern destinations, of course, travelers can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery: Diamond Beach, Raja lima, Broken Beach, Angels Billabong, Kelingking Beach and Paluang Clif. The full day-private Nusa Penida tour deserves to be a holiday choice in Bali for traveler at affordable prices.

This Bali activities tour packages by ticget is perfact to travelers who want to experience the best attractions that Nusa Penida has to offer from the west coast to the east on one day tour packages.

Come on, visit Nusa Penida and have a vacation in Nusa Penida, this place is perfect for traveler who like adventure, capturing moments and excitement with amazing natural scenery that completes your vacation on the Island of the Gods, Bali. What are you waiting for, hurry up on vacation on the island of Nusa Penida and choose our package Nusa Penida combination tour west and east.


Bali River Rafting

Bali river rafting tour is a Bali activities tour packages by ticget to enjoy wide range of white river rafting adventure in the paradise island of Bali. Feel the experience of Bali white river rafting tours at the best and most popular river at Telaga Waja river and Ayung river Ubud.

Rafting is the most choices adventure in this Bali islands, the activity offer you an amazing experience by beating the water rapids challenge from different class and also admire the beauty of rice paddy before reach the start point and see the spectacular view in the river.

Bali river rafting tour is to discover hidden waterfalls, swim in the pristine water and feel the thrills of the paradise river. The river rafting guide is already experience in the white water rafting tours by offer an excellent service to make you more enjoyable and also know the perfect spot where you can enjoy the most challenging water rapids.

Beside that the rafting guide can be your assistant if you would like to take picture with your own camera. Memorize this white water rafting activity by use the video and picture service.


Bali Fishing Tour

Bali Fishing Tour  is Bali activities tour packages by ticget which offers any kind of fishing tour such as bottom fishing tour, trolling fishing tour and boat charter fishing tour. This Bali fishing tour takes you to the game fishing area around Nusa Penida or Southern part of Bali Island. Within 1 hour, you will troll for big Tuna fish, Blue Marlin, Mackerel and many other species of deepwater game fish. Also we offer bottom fishing where you have a good chance to catch snappers, blue crevally, scribbled filefish and others.

While fishing, you can enjoy beautiful open water science during driving the boat. Our licensed captain transports you around the sacred island of Nusa Penida, or the southern coastal waters of Bali where you can view spectacular sites. Bali Fishing Tour has many variations of fish such as: Marlin, Giant Trevally, Tuna Dogtooth, Tuna Yellowfin, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Barracuda, Ruby Snapper and very big Amberjack.

We are Bali Fishing specialists, you will enjoy fantastic bottom or trolling sensation in all our spots!! Our Bali Fishing tour takes you to a number of amazing Bali Fishing location around Bali Islands. We specialize in customized fishing trips, so whether you are an expert or just learning, regardless of your age, we have a qualified guide to make your fishing trip successful.

Spend your day fishing with top quality fishing equipment from our various equipment. Let our guides take care of your equipment for the day so you don't lose a moment of precious fishing time.


Blue Fire Trekking

Witness the magic of the Ijen’s mesmerizing blue fire trekking on a day one night from Kuta or Seminyak Bali, trekking tour of the Ijen volcano from Banyuwangi. Alongside your guide, you’ll ascend to the summit of the Ijen volcano under the atmospheric cloak of darkness.

Amid the billowing smoke of the sulphur mines, you’ll witness the natural phenomenon of the blue fire and see miners carry back-breaking loads of sulphur up the steep crater. When the sun rises, gaze upon the vivid, turquoise crater lake before you return to your hotel. All safety equipment is provided on this tour.

At 17.30 WITA leaving the meeting point then drive to Gilimanuk and crossing Bali strait to Java upon arrival get local resto for dinner and get logistic at alfa mart.

Drive to last village Paltuding and climb up to the peak of Ijen crater with local guide for Blue Fire and after enjoyed the panorama from top of mount Ijen, the journey continue back to the parking and get breakfast with coffee or tea at small warung with indonesian breakfast then drive back to bali. Estimated of arrival at afternoon.


VW Tour Bali

Bali VW Safari convertible volkswagen tour is a VW Safari Bali Tour to visit interesting tourist spots in Bali such as temples, rice fields, Balinese villages and other tourist attractions. This Bali VW Safari tour is a faboulos Volkswagen tour that we made in a short trip to enjoy the natural scenery in Ubud and or visit tourist destinations such as Melasti Beach or known as secret beach is a beautiful beach with white sand to see the beautiful sunset and then we go to jimbaran beach to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner at jimbaran.

After dinner we drive you back to the hotel, great adventure of VW safari tour, Worry-free as this package already includes driver and fuel.


Jet Ski Safari

Enjoy the sensation of jet ski rental in Bali, take to the sea with a experience jet ski rental at Nusa Penida or Nusa Dua Bali, that gives you the chance to cool off, enjoy a thrill, and admire the coastline of Bali's Nusa Dua area from the water. You'll drive yourself with no guide or instructor to follow.

We're Bali activities tour packages by ticget recommend you reserve a Nusa Dua or Nusa Penida for jet ski rental in Bali if you want to ride Jet Ski experience. Before the Jet Ski activity starts, the jet ski guide will introduce how to ride Jet Ski to participants. Such as introducing machinery, throttle, brake, and driving techniques on the water. Also, security over the sea to avoid a collision with fishing boats and other Jet Ski riders.

Guides who are well-trained and experienced are happy to accompany you during a jet ski ride in Tanjung Benoa beach Bali if you book a jet ski ride with a guide.

After you are familiar with jet ski operations, the guide will take you from shore to sea. The instructor will show you where you should ride a Jet Ski. If you request a jet ski with a guide, the guide will sit on the back seat of the jet ski. After you reach a safe location to ride a jet ski, it’s your turn to drive it.