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Exciting Paragliding Activity Bali - Ticket Booking


Exciting Bali Tandem Paragliding Activity to see the stunning limestone cliffs, temples and Indian Ocean from above!

Conquer your fear of heights and enjoy the afternoon flying through paragliding activity Bali, Bali. Fly over the stunning Indian Ocean and see hidden temples, limestone cliffs and the beautiful Balinese sky from above. No need to worry about safety because you will get basic paragliding lessons and safety procedures before flying.

Paragliding Experience

  • See the stunning limestone cliffs, temples and Indian Ocean from above!
  • Enjoy the view of Bali from the air
  • Experience paragliding in tandem with the Timbis professional team.

The difference between Paragliding and Parasailing

There are many types of parachuting activities such as parasailing, sky diving, kite surfing, hang gliding etc. Bali paragliding and parasailing is available to do, but there are no sky diving companies yet.

Parasailing is a parachuting activity where a parachute is attached to a person or two. Parachute then connected to a vehicle (Boat) with a long string. Parasailing in Bali is a part of the popular water sports activities which are centered on the northern side of Nusa Dua

Paragliding is another parachuting activity where you can join a flight with a paragliding pilot. Activities are started from the cliff side approximately 75 meters high cliff. The activities are totally depending on wind direction and wind strength.

Tandem Paragliding Bali

Tandem paragliding means participant will fly as a passenger with paragliding pilot. So it will be 2 person in the parachute (Glider/Paraglider wings). In this case paragliding pilot will fly together with a passenger in a separated seat (Harness).

Before flying, you will be equipped with Harness, Helmet and additional action camera for the photo and video footage. You can book tandem Tickets online for all inclusive package including hotel transfer.

USD 55.00

Location and how to get there

Bali paragliding sites is located in the south end of Bali island. TIMBIS flying site located at the cliff side of Kutuh village in the southern part of Nusa dua. It is located only 20 minutes from the center of Nusa dua, Jimbaran or Uluwatu. 30 minutes from the tourist center of Kuta, legian and Bali international airport. From Ubud center it will be taken 2 hour drive to the flying site.

Timbis Bali paragliding site, the first and safest flying site where most of the beginner pilot (Solo flight) doing the paragliding course in Bali. It safest site is because of the site has 2 landing option, top landing and beach landing. Beach landing is the option where the paragliding pilot missed the wind strength during the flight.

The second paragliding site is located a few kilometer from timbis flying site, it is called gunung payung Flying site. Located next to Gunung payung temple and Gunung Payung beach. This is the secondary flying site where if the wind is blowing straight from the east side.