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Hotel & Tourist Attractions List In Ubud Bali - Best Place To Stay In Bali


Most Favorite Hotel Recommendations and Tourist Destinations in Ubud

Hotel & tourist attractions list in Ubud Bali - Ubud is the best place to stay in Bali and enjoying vacation time lying in front of the swimming pool surrounded by beautiful views is the ideal place to release all fatigue. What if you try to have a vacation in Ubud by staying at a swimming pool which is located not far from the Monkey Forest?

Everyone's definition of vacation is different. Some like to enjoy sunbathing on the beach, diving in the deep sea, hiking through the forest, or there are also those who jump from a height of 15 thousand feet.

However, there are also those who enjoy vacation time by meditating and enjoying the serenity of the surrounding environment. However, there is one thing in common that the majority of travelers usually want is the hotel pool facilities that offer spectacular views, click button below for hotel list in Ubud Bali.


Tourist Attractions List in Ubud Bali

Here is information about tourist attractions list in Ubud Bali you have to visit - For those of you who plan to travel to Bali, then Ubud is a tourist area that you shouldn't miss. Ubud is a traditional village as well as a tourist destination in Gianyar Regency, Bali. Located approximately 1 hour from downtown Denpasar, Ubud is famous for its beautiful views of rice fields and forests.

Apart from that, there are also art venues, such as art galleries and art performance arenas. As a result, Ubud is one of the most popular areas in Bali among tourists, both local and foreign.

To make it easier for you to arrange tourist destinations while in Ubud, here are recommendations for 9 tourist attractions in Ubud that can be your choice!

9 Tourist Attractions List in Ubud Bali

  1. Sukawati art market
  2. Puri Saren Agung
  3. Monkey forest Ubud
  4. Ubud Campuhan Hill
  5. Saraswati Temple Ubud
  6. Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  7. Neka Art Museum
  8. Ayung River Rafting
  9. Petulu Village Ubud

1. Sukawati art market

As like a name, this market is a place for selling Balinese art items which is often visited by tourists to buy Balinese souvenirs. Ranging from handicrafts, clothing, beach fabrics, woven bags, accessories, Balinese Hindu ceremonial equipment, to paintings are items that are sold at this tourist destination in Ubud.

The advantage of the Sukawati Art Market is that its goods are sold at prices that tend to be cheaper than other markets. In addition, this tourist destination in Ubud has been revitalized in early 2021 to increase visitor convenience when shopping.


2. Puri Saren Agung

Puri Saren Agung or often also called Ubud Palace is a complex of historical buildings which is the official residence of the Ubud royal family. This historic Ubud tourist destination is located in the middle of the Ubud area. As one of the popular tourist destinations in Ubud, Puri Agung Ubud is always crowded with visitors every day. At certain times, there are traditional Balinese dances that are staged in this palace, starting from the Legong Mahabarata dance, the Ramayana Ballet dance, the Legong and Barong dances.


3. Monkey Forest Ubud

For those of you who want to travel to a place with beautiful scenery, surrounded by shady trees, and meet animals, then you can visit this Ubud monkey forest. The Ubud tourist destination which is located in the forest is quite popular among tourists, where tourists like to take photos with the Kra monkeys (long tailed macaques) which are indeed their habitat in this tourist spot. Within this area there is also a temple called Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Ubud.


4. Ubud Campuhan Hill

In contrast to tourist destinations in Bali which are usually in the form of beaches and sea, Campuhan Hill in Ubud has an attraction in the form of expanses of green hills, grasslands, valleys, and footpaths in the hills. Campuhan Hill is located between two rivers in Ubud, namely the Oos River and the Cerik River.

This hotel & tourist attractions in Ubud is also an instagrammable photo spot. Activities that you can do on Campuhan Hill are jogging and trekking while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery for 2 km. The travel path that will be passed will test the adrenaline of the visitors with challenging track contours.


5. Saraswati Temple Ubud

As the name implies, this temple is dedicated to the place of worship of Goddess Saraswati. This temple with beautiful architecture is a photo spot that you shouldn't miss if you visit Bali. Saraswati Temple is the gate or entrance to the temple. This religious tourism destination in Ubud has a beautiful garden, as well as a lotus pond which has a pink color. One of the other attractions is that you can watch the Kecak dance performance at this temple.


6. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

One of the tourist attractions in Ubud that you may see most often is rice fields with beautiful terraced contour types. In fact, this tourist spot can be classified as a place that is currently "hits" in Bali. Tegalalang rice terraces have been named as one of the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Apart from capturing the moment in this beautiful terraced rice field, you can also try the river pool swing where you can swing 15 times from a height of 45 meters with the extreme swing, super extreme swing, or couple swing types.


7. Neka Art Museum

For those of you who like works of art, the Neka Art Museum should not be missed from the list of tourist attractions in Ubud that you need to visit. From the outside, the architectural design of this museum is still thick with Balinese customs. The Neka Art Museum contains more than 300 paintings from well-known painters in Indonesia, including works by Affandi.

In addition, the collections are separated according to theme, such as the Balinese Painting Hall (containing paintings in traditional styles, Ubud style, Batuan style, and wayang style), Arie Smit Pavilion (containing paintings by Arie Smit and young painters), Indonesian Contemporary Paintings, Photography Archive Center, as well as the East-West Art Annex (containing Indonesian contemporary paintings and paintings by foreign painters).


8. Ayung River Rafting

In addition to tourism objects related to art, Ubud is also famous for its white water rafting tours which are a favorite place for local and foreign tourists. The difficulty level of the Ayung River for rafting is class II-III which means it is suitable for beginners or those who are doing rafting for the first time. The length of the rafting route is 10 km which takes about 2 hours.


9. Petulu Village Ubud

For those of you who are interested in Balinese culture, then you can visit this tourist village located in Gianyar. This village is unique with the presence of storks or what is often referred to as the kokokan bird. This bird is believed to be Ida Bhatara's bodyguard at the local temple and also as a village guard from rice field pests. So, if you visit Petulu Village, you will definitely see a crowing bird enjoying nature accompanied by birds singing.

In fact, the number of kokokan birds in Petulu Village is predicted to reach thousands, you know. The right time for you to visit this village is in the afternoon when these birds will return to their nests.